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❤ Disability Dog Walk ❤

Come and join Pumpkin at Boultham Park, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. April 10th 12 noon.


Pumpkin wants her friends & Families to join her in a disability dog walk. For dogs or people with disabilities. Pumpkin is paralysed & uses a wheelchair ♿️. This doesn't stop her! She wants her fellow dog friends to join her for a fun spring walk around the park & Lake. All wheelchair friendly & accessible.

Dogs can have any disability, Blind, deaf, abnormalities, paralysed etc

We want to show the world that having a disability doesn't matter! Animals can still live a full, happy life ❤

Any money raised will go towards Animal rescue

@Broken biscuits

@Winstons Wheel

All 3 charities are very special to us and have helped Pumpkin so much already xxx

Pumpkin is raising money through Go Fund me, any donations are much appreciated

Raffle tickets are availible through her shop £1 a ticket.

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